Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Industrial Zone

The Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Industrial Zone (SIZ), with an area of 200 ha and the land underneath owned by the City of Ostrava, is a unique investment opportunity for investors looking to benefit primarily from its strategic location near the international airport with connection to the highway and railway network.

The zone is located 25 kilometres south of Ostrava’s centre. As the metropolis of the region with more than 1.2 million inhabitants, Ostrava offers sufficient manpower capacity in the zone’s vicinity.

Currently, a total of 7 major companies are based in the Mošnov Strategic Industrial Zone, which have already invested CZK 15.7 billion there and created almost 4,000 jobs (as of 31 December 2021).

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Main investors in the SIZ:

Free capacity in the SIZ (the blue area in the map)

At this moment, 80% of the Zone is occupied. 59,5 ha of vacant space remain for sale. The plots are greenfield sites.

  • 51.3 ha in the south-eastern part of the Zone. Plot for a strategic investment.
  • 5.5 ha in the central part of the Zone (2.89 ha and 2.56 ha separately or 5.5 ha total)
  • 2.6 ha in the eastern part of the Zone.

Administrative centre (the red area in the map)

  • The site is used a s a commercial zone, and it is currently home to dozens of companies. An area of 10 hectare (out of a total 26 hectares) is available to investors; the land is owned by the City of Ostrava.
  • In view of the site´s close proximity to the international airport and its attractive location within the zone, it is expected that it will be used for new office building, R&D facilites , a hotel, etc..
  • The City of Ostrava will closely assess the architecture of the new construction intended by those interested in purchasing a space.

Private developers projects in the zone

Technical Infrastructure

Free network capacity:

All networks ready at the plots’ boundaries.

  • Electricity:  administrator: ČEZ distribuce
  • Gas – medium pressure:  administrator: GridServices in cooperation with Innogy
  • Gas – high pressure:  administrator: GasNet
  • Water: administrator: SMVaK a.s.
  • Sewage system / domestic sewage: administrator: SMVaK a.s.

A retention reservoir with a surface area of 2,860 m2 was built in the south-eastern part of the site for new investors.

Buildability of the territory:

The 80:20 rule applies, i.e. 80% of the area may be built-up, at least 20% must remain for the greenery.

Elevation limits:

The height of buildings must not exceed the limit of 291 metres above sea level (the horizontal level of the airport, where the natural ground is about 245–260 metres above sea level), according to the limit study conducted through Air Traffic Control and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. The limit study also stipulates other elevation thresholds from which it is necessary to individually assess the influence of building on the airport’s landing and communication equipment. In the case of the Ostrava-Mošnov Strategic Industrial Zone, this threshold is 273 metres above sea level.

Transport access

The industrial zone is located near the Leoš Janáček International Airport, which is the largest regional airport in the Czech Republic with regular domestic and international traffic. The airport operates regular and charter flights, including cargo transportation. The airport is equipped for the handling of air cargo and it has its own storage facilities. At present, there is a regular Ostrava – London line which is operated by the company Ryanair. There are also air cargo lines that connected Ostrava with Cologne (operated by DHL company) Leipzig (operated by UPS) and Asia (operated by EGT Express). From March 2022, passengers will be able to use the renewed regular Ostrava – Warsaw line again. It will be operated by LOT Polish Airlines.

The area has a railway line that connects the airport with the municipality of Sedlnice, which then runs further to Studénka where it connects to the main railway corridor between Ostrava and Prague or Brno. There is a roofed terminal building, which is connected to the airport check-in hall by a covered corridor. Therefore, the passengers can get from the train to the airport without worrying about rain. The rail connection may also be used by investors from the development site.

A railway terminal with gantry cranes will be built in the Ostrava Multimodal Airport Park area in the near future (construction was launched in September 2021), and the railway siding will be able to accommodate trains up to 700 metres long.

The area is directly connected to the I48 highway (450 m; however, the road will be moved closer to the industrial zone, the new distance is about 100 m), the D48 motorway (2 km) and the D1 motorway (8.5 km).

The zone is also accessible by public transport (Ostrava city transport system and regional transport system).  There are several dozen connections providing daily transport to and from the zone.   Bus stops were also built at the Mahle Behr and Hyundai Mobis plants.


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Additional information

By a memorandum dated September 2020, the Statutory City of Ostrava and the Moravian-Silesian Region confirmed their interest in cooperation and joint coordination in the further development of the wider Mošnov area of interest. The development should mainly concern the extension of the railway line to ensure the serviceability of areas prepared by the Moravian-Silesian Region, as well as the expansion of the road network and technical infrastructure; a development study and infrastructure development outlook can be found below in the annexes. The industrial zone will thus be open to other business entities from the field of logistics, administration, research and development.