This is an attractive vacant site in the heart of the city centre covering 1,770 m2 consisting of the land parcels Nos 1960/7, 1960/14, 1960/15 and 1960/23 in the cadastral area of Moravská Ostrava. The area for building covers 1,100 m2.

It is situated  at a location where historic buildings used to stand (though the buildings did not form part of an enclosed block).

The City of Ostrava finished building a 7-floor apartment complex on a neighbouring site (at the corner of Janáčkova and Masna Streets) in 2021. In view of the fact that the surrounding buildings are arranged in compact blocks enclosing central courtyards, it would be ideal if the development at this site was directly adjacent to the City’s new apartment complex, thus creating a similar block-type structure along the extension to Masná Street.

More information on this site is given in the Regulating conditions, which you will find below (under ‘Appendixes’).

Site compliance with zoning plan

According to the current zoning plan, the site is designated for mixed usage (residential and civic amenities), so it may be used for residential units, services, retail premises, offices, cultural, educational or community amenities, etc..

The optimum solution would be a polyfunctional building primarily consisting of residential units (80%).

Site description

A new quarter is being built in this area.  The site is adjacent to a public cultural and community centre (PLATO)  and historic former city slaughterhouse which till spring 2022 will be transformed into a contemporary art gallery. The winner of the public international competition for this project was the KWK Promes studio from Poland, run by the globally renowned architect Robert Konieczny. The former slaughterhouse will be transformed into exhibition spaces for the PLATO contemporary art gallery, which (thanks to revolving walls) will also include an outdoor exhibition area. The six exhibition halls will be able to function either separately or together, as a single space. The building will also include offices, meeting rooms and a snack bar.

New residential complex to be created near the vacant site as well. Ostrava is entering into negotiations on the sale of the real estate complex known as “Rezidence Stodolní” with the investor Linkcity Czech Republic a.s.. The “Rezidence Stodolní” complex, designed by Bogle Architects will create a multi-functional building, which will comprise an apartment complex, leisure/recreation facilities, and commercial units at street level.

There is also the popular Stodolní Street entertainment quarter, with numerous hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and other civic amenities.

Civic amenities near the site:

  • PLATO art gallery: 1 min on foot
  • Stodolní Street: within 1 min on foot
  • Nádražní Street: 5 min on foot
  • Forum Nová Karolina shopping mall : 3 min by car

Transport access:

  • Public transport access – on foot: 
    • „Konzervatoř“ bus/trolleybus stop: 6 min
    • „Stodolní“ tram stop: 6 min
  • Bikesharing station – on foot:
    • Plato gallery: 1 min
    • „Stodolní“ train halt: 3 min
  • Rail transport access – on foot:
    • „Stodolní“ train halt: 3 min
  • Access to main roads – by car:
    • 28. října Street: 2 min
    • Českobratrská Street: 2 min
    • Místecká Street: 3 min


You can download the appendices:

Photo gallery

  • VISUALIZATIONS of the building at the site are INDICATIVE ONLY. They are not binding. It is up to the developer to decide how to approach the site.
  • The indicative illustrations of the building at the site on Masna Street were produced by Ondřej Sikula
  • Aerial photo: source Google Earth