The Nové Lauby Residential Project

The city is choosing a co-investor for the construction of a new building in the historic city centre with flats, underground parking area and business premises. The investment in the construction of the Nové Lauby residential building will be distributed between the city and a private investor who will build the building.

The city guarantees the subsequent purchase of two of the five houses and the parking area for tenants and the public. The private investor will own 3 blocks of flats, non-residential units and a corresponding number of parking spaces.

The Ostrava City Council decided to initiate a restricted procedure for the public contract “Blok Nové Lauby” by Resolution No 04400/RM1822/64 of 14 July 2020.

The procurement procedure is initiated by prior notification. The prior notification was published in the Bulletin of Public Procurement Contracts under form No F2020-024336 and in the Official Journal of the European Union No 2020/S 138-338282.

The selection procedure for the investor has 3 phases:

      1. The first phase was about expressing interest. Potential investors had to apply to the selection procedure no later than on August 20 this year.
      2. A qualification phase then took place in September. Only those candidates who have expressed preliminary interest were invited to submit a request to participate in the next round of the procurement procedure. Only those candidates who have expressed preliminary interest might submit a request to participate.  The contracting entity  assessed the qualifications of individual participant of the procurement procedure and it subsequently excluded the participants who failed to demonstrate that they meet the qualifications.
      3. The contracting entity then invited all the participants who have demonstrated that they meet the qualifications conditions to submit a tender. Only a participant who has been invited by the contracting entity to submit a tender may submit a tender. Invited participants may not submit a joint tender.

Project description

    • land owned by the city (3,188 m2)
    • rewarding location
    • new residential building (five-house concept)
    • the project is 95% ready:
    • number of floors:
      • 2.5 underground floors
      • 5 floors above ground
      • ground floor: 700 m2 of rentable space
    • built-up area: 2,666 m²
    • enclosed volume: 56,334 m3
    • number of flats: 85
    • number of parking spaces: 173, of which 85 for residents and 88 for public use

In accordance with the zoning decision the site should be developed as a new residential building (a complex of 5 blocks forming a harmonious single entity) with a ground plan in the shape of an enclosed irregular trapezoid with maximum dimensions 57.4 x 47.4 m and with maximum height 19.36 m. The building should feature flat roofs with vegetation and an inner atrium with plants.

The ground level should be used partly for residential units and partly for non-residential premises. The upper levels (floor 2 to floor 5) should contain apartments with 1–4 rooms. The complex should contain 85 apartments in total. Parking should be in an underground garage on 2.5 levels with 173 spaces.


This is a vacant space, plot No 160 in cadastral area Moravská Ostrava with an area of 3,188 m2. The advantage of this rewarding piece of land is its location in the central part of the city between Velká, Muzejní, Pivovarská and extended Dlouhá streets in the immediate vicinity of Masaryk Square (Ostrava’s central square). It is a very attractive location with excellent community amenities. The solved area is part of the city monument zone.

The attractiveness of the location is boosted by its direct access to public transport and a rich variety of cultural and social life in the immediate vicinity – including the nearby Antonín Dvořák Theatre and the Puppet Theatre as well as events held at the neighbouring Černá Louka (Black Meadow) exhibition centre.

The University of Ostrava’s Faculty of Fine Arts makes a major contribution to the vibrant cultural, artistic and musical life of the city centre. Till 2022 a new complex of university buildings will be created at the Černá Louka (Black Meadow) exhibition centre, providing state-of-the-art facilities for the Faculty of Fine Arts as well as a health/fitness/sports complex that will be used not only by students, but also by the general public.

Institutions near the site

    • Masarykovo náměstí/Masaryk Square: within 1 min on foot
    • Ostrava Puppet Theatre: do 1 min on foot
    • A. Dvořák Theatre: 5 min on foot
    • Černá louka (Black Meadow) Exhibition Centre: 5 min on foot
    • Nová Karolina shopping mall: 10 min on foot

Transport Access

    • Public transport access – on foot: 
      • „Výstaviště“ tram/bus stop: 5 min
      • „Karolina“ tram/bus stop: 10 min
    • Bikesharing station – at the site:
      • „Výstaviště“, „Masarykovo náměstí“: within 1 min
    • Access to main roads – by car:
      • 28. října Street: 2 min
      • Místecká Street: 3 min
      • Bohumínská Street: 3 min

The city is currently preparing the supporting documents for the new route of Pivovarská Street (construction will begin in 2021), which connects to the current Vojanova Street. In the future, this street will connect the city centre with the Nová Karolina area (see aerial photo in the photo gallery). A new trolleybus service will be introduced on Pivovarská Street with stops within a 1-minute walking distance from the residential building.

Time schedule of the selection procedure

Call announcement 14 July 2020
1. Deadline for expressing preliminary interest

(The necessary, but not binding, first step to participate in the selection procedure.)

20 August 2020, 10:00 am
  Call for suppliers to submit requests to participate 25 August 2020
2. Deadline for submission of requests to participate

(Only those candidates who have expressed preliminary interest by 20 August 2020, 10:00 am, will be invited by the contracting entity to submit a request to participate in the next round of the procurement procedure.)

29 September 2020, 10:00 am
  Call for suppliers to submit tenders 6 October 2020
3. Deadline for submission of tenders 6 November 2020
Supplier selection November 2020
Date of contract December 2020

* In the event circumstances occur during the procurement procedure that affect its course, the above procedures and deadlines may be changed.

Subject of sale

The subject of this public contract is the future purchase of:

    1. units to be used as flats located in block B and C of the building “Blok Nové Lauby”

incl. an adequate share of the common parts of the immovable property;

    1. share in the unit or units to be used as garages in the following extent:

2.1 all parking spaces, except for the number of parking spaces determined in accordance with the relevant standards for housing units or non-residential premises in blocks A, D and E (i.e. excluding the units listed in point 1); and

2.2 basement storage units in a number corresponding to the number of units in accordance with point 1, which do not include a chamber,

incl. corresponding share in the common parts of the immovable property, all in the “Blok Nové Lauby” building, which will be constructed on the land plot No 160 in cadastral area Moravská Ostrava, the municipality of Ostrava (subject of the future transfer, hereinafter the “Units”).

Along with the contract for future purchase of the Units, a purchase contract for the transfer of the following immovable property with a right of first refusal and a prohibition of alienation of the property will be concluded between the contracting entity and the participant whose tender will be evaluated as the most economically advantageous according to the result of the evaluation of tenders (hereinafter the “Contractor”): land plot No 160 in cadastral area Moravská Ostrava, the municipality of Ostrava, registered on the ownership certificate No 2577 kept by the Cadastral Office for the Moravian-Silesian Region, Cadastral Office Ostrava (hereinafter the “Land in Question”);

the purchase contract for the transfer of the Land in Question for a consideration will oblige the contractor to execute the Construction of “Blok Nové Lauby” (hereinafter also the “Construction”) on the Land in Question, which will consist of five blocks A, B, C, D and E, in accordance with:

    1. Architectural study – Nové Lauby, Ostrava;
    2. Documentation for issuing a sitting decision for the Blok Nové Lauby building;
    3. Land-use permit No 35/2019 issued by the City Authority Ostrava under file No SMO/279750/19/UHAaSŘ/Mar on 9 May 2019, which became final and enforceable on 11 June 2019;
    4. Project documentation for the building permit Blok Nové Lauby;
    5. Relevant building permit;
    6. Design standards for the implementation of the “Block Nové Lauby” construction in the specified extent;

(studies and documentation referred to in points (1), (2), (4) and (6) hereinafter together as the “Documentation”);

The Documentation was prepared by the company znamení čtyř – architekti s. r. o., with its registered office at U Půjčovny 968/5, 110 00 Praha 1, Company ID No 257 94 591.

Technical Infrastructure

The utility networks to which the building can be connected are laid in the streets around the solved area (drinking water, sewerage, gas pipeline, low-voltage underground lines, public lighting lines and a communication cable). A proposal for connection is discussed with the administrators of the individual networks.

The connection of the building to the utility networks will be solved by a separate contract and the establishment of a servitude.

Other information

The city of Ostrava is currently obtaining an archaeological research on land plot No 160 in cadastral area Moravská Ostrava, the municipality of Ostrava, which will be completed by the end of 2020.

Deadline for submitting a tender

Only those candidates who have demonstrated that they meet the qualifications conditions were invited to submit a tender.

The deadline for submission of tender is set at 6 November 2020, 10:00 am.


If you have any questions about this particular call, please write to or call +420 599 443 256 (Mrs. Ivana Růžičková) – communication just in Czech language.


Visualization, aerial photos of the site, land use decision, site views etc. can be downloaded in a zip file HERE. (List of appendices: Land use approval process_decision on the location of a structure; Cadastral situation plan C.2; Coordination plan C.3; Site views – SE, SW, NE, NW; Extract from the Cadastral Register; Aerial views 1 and 2; Visualizations 1–6; Zoning plan_excerpt).

Presentation about the project in pdf HERE.

A video about the project:

Photo gallery

      • Visualizations of the building were produced by Znamení čtyř – architekti s.r.o.
      • Aerial view 1: City of Ostrava Archive, Lukáš Kaboň
      • Aerial view in context:  source Google Earth