The Nové Lauby Residential Project

The activity of investors creating job opportunities for highly qualified staff in Ostrava is boosting demand for high-quality, modern residential developments at locations offering shopping, services and cultural facilities.

In response to this increased demand, the City is seeking a developer for a new residential project in the city centre (urban core). The vacant plot is bounded by four streets ( Muzejní , Velká , Dlouhá , Pivovarská).  It consists of a plot parcel No 160 in cadastral area of Moravská Ostrava (plot size 3,188 m²).

In accordance with the zoning decision the site should be developed as a new residential building (a complex of 5 blocks forming a harmonious single entity) with a ground plan in the shape of an enclosed irregular trapezoid with maximum dimensions 57.4 x 47.4 m and with maximum height 19.36 m.

The building should feature flat roofs with vegetation and an inner atrium with plants. The ground level should be used partly for residential units and partly for non-residential premises. The upper levels (floor 2 to floor 5) should contain apartments with 1–4 rooms. The complex should contain 85 apartments in total. Parking should be in an underground garage on 3 levels with 173 spaces.

The project will create a highly attractive residential complex within easy reach of the city’s central square.

Project description

    • residential building (a complex of 5 blocks forming a harmonious single entity)
    • number of levels:
      • 3 underground and 5 above-ground levels
      • ground level: 700 m2 of rental space
    • built area: 2,666 m²
    • enclosed volume: 56,334 m3
    • number of flats: 85
    • number of parking spaces: 173 totally, of which 84 for residents and 89 for public

Site compliance with zoning plan

The current zoning plan for the site stipulates multi-storey urban-type buildings featuring high-quality architecture corresponding with the site’s position in the heart of the city centre. The new complex at the site will be in accordance with the typical historic configuration of the central part of the city, which is characterized by urban blocks enclosing inner courtyard areas. The entrances to the enclosed courtyard areas will be located on the planned extension of Dlouhá Street. These inner courtyard areas can serve as recreational zones for the residents at the new complex.

Technical/utilities networks serving the new complex are located in the streets bordering the site (drinking water, sewerage, gas mains, underground LV power lines, street lighting power lines, data cables). Connections will be negotiated with the administrators of the individual networks.

The connection of the complex to technical/utilities networks will be covered by a separate contract governing access/usage rights.

Other information

The planned complex will be in accordance with land use decision no. 35/2019 issued by Ostrava City Authority under ref. no. SMO/279750/19/UHAaSŘ/Mar dated 9 May 2019, which became legally effective on 11 June 2019, and with the documentation for the land use decision for the Nové Lauby block (issued 22 October 2018, elaborated by znamení čtyř – architekti s.r.o., U Půjčovny 968/5, 110 00 Praha 1, company ID: 257 94 591); any requested changes to these documents are subject to prior written approval by the City of Ostrava.

An archeological survey is currently being conducted at the site (parcel no. 160, cadastral area Moravská Ostrava, municipality Ostrava) for the City of Ostrava. The survey is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

Parties with a serious interest in purchasing the land will be provided with the documentation for the land use decision and the architectural study for the Nové Lauby project (both documentations just in Czech language). Access to these documents will be provided in electronic form subject to a declaration by the interested party that the documents will not be further disseminated to third parties and that the documents will not be misused in any other way (see the Declaration below). The documents can also be collected in person (on CD) at the Ostrava City Authority building (Prokešovo náměstí 8, Ostrava), room 307, from Mr. Jiří Cigánek or Mrs. Magdaléna Ludíková.


As a party interested in the purchase of the land at parcel no. 160, cadastral area Moravská Ostrava, municipality Ostrava,

I hereby declare that the architectural study for the Nové Lauby project (“Architektonická studie – Nové Lauby, Ostrava”) and the project documentation for the land use decision (“Dokumentace pro vydání rozhodnutí o umístění stavby nebo zařízení Blok Nové Lauby”), issued 22 October 2018, elaborated by znamení čtyř – architekti s.r.o., U Půjčovny 968/5, 110 00 Praha 1, company ID: 257 94 591, on the basis of a commission from the City of Ostrava, which have been provided to me for the purpose of familiarization and studying, will be used by me solely and exclusively for the purpose of elaborating a bid to purchase the land being publicly offered for sale, and I confirm that I will not further disseminate these documents (i.e. the architectural study and the project documentation for the land use decision, which are subject to copyright under the provisions of Act no. 121/2000 Sb., the Copyright Act, on rights connected with copyright and changes to certain other acts, as amended) to third parties, nor will I misuse these documents in any other way. Furthermore, with respect to the architectural study and the project documentation for the land use decision, I commit to comply with all other requirements imposed upon me by legal regulations pertaining to copyright and related issues.

When you have given your consent to this Declaration, details enabling you to access the documentation will be sent to you.


Institutions near the site

The attractiveness of the location is boosted by its direct access to public transport and a rich variety of cultural and social life in the immediate vicinity – including the nearby Antonín Dvořák Theatre and the Puppet Theatre as well as events held at the neighbouring Černá Louka (Black Meadow) exhibition centre.

The University of Ostrava’s Faculty of Fine Arts makes a major contribution to the vibrant cultural, artistic and musical life of the city centre. Till 2022 a new complex of university buildings will be created at the Černá Louka (Black Meadow) exhibition centre, providing state-of-the-art facilities for the Faculty of Fine Arts as well as a health/fitness/sports complex that will be used not only by students, but also by the general public.

    • Masarykovo náměstí/Masaryk Square: within 1 min on foot
    • Ostrava Puppet Theatre: do 1 min on foot
    • A. Dvořák Theatre: 5 min on foot
    • Černá louka (Black Meadow) Exhibition Centre: 5 min on foot
    • Nová Karolina shopping mall: 10 min on foot

Transport Access

    • Public transport access – on foot: 
      • „Výstaviště“ tram/bus stop: 5 min
      • „Karolina“ tram/bus stop: 10 min
    • Bikesharing station – at the site:
      • „Výstaviště“, „Masarykovo náměstí“: within 1 min
    • Access to main roads – by car:
      • 28. října Street: 2 min
      • Místecká Street: 3 min
      • Bohumínská Street: 3 min


Visualization, aerial photos of the site, land use decision, site views etc. can be downloaded in a zip file HERE.

List of appendices: Land use approval process_decision on the location of a structure; Cadastral situation plan C.2; Coordination plan C.3; Site views – SE, SW, NE, NW; Extract from the Cadastral Register; Aerial views 1 and 2; Visualizations 1–6; Zoning plan_excerpt.

A video about the project can be found HERE.

Photo gallery

      • Visualizations of the building were produced by Znamení čtyř – architekti s.r.o.
      • Aerial view 1: City of Ostrava Archive, Lukáš Kaboň
      • Aerial view in context:  source Google Earth