Parking garage at the Regional Authority

A new multifunctional parking garage on parcels nos. 2634/8 and 2634/47 covering a total area of 9,400 m² in the Moravská Ostrava cadastral area. The vacant lot is located in a built-up area at the Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority. next to 28. října Street = a main arterial road into the city centre with 15,000 cars per day.

The project will provide parking for nearby institutions (the Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority, Tax Authority for the Moravian-Silesian Region, District Social Security Office, City of Ostrava Cultural Centre, P. Bezruč Theatre) and it will also be used by visitors to the city centre.

In the upcoming years the surrounding area will become the site of Ostrava’s new concert hall designed by Steven Holl Architects from New York with capacity of 1,300 people and the Moravian-Silesian Research Library. The arterial road will undergo a complete reconstruction as well (which will greatly improve facilities for cyclists and pedestrians).

Project description

  • design chosen via an architectural competition; made by ProjectStudio
  • project documentation currently being drawn up
  • no. of levels: 1 below-ground, 7 above-ground
    • parking for official vehicles/staff from nearby offices and administrative institutions
    • parking for visitors to nearby offices and cultural institutions
  • no. of parking spaces: 600 including spaces for reduced-mobility users and spaces for electric vehicle charging
  • 20+ cycle parking spaces at the ground level; link to the planned cycle path
  • flexible retail outside the garage
  • sports facility on the roof
  • building with eco-features:
    • retention tank (irrigation, service water)
    • central atrium (natural ventilation and sunlight)
    • open concept of facades (elimination of overheating of the surroundings)
    • green roof and surrounding buildings
  • the land is now used as an open parking area (current capacity around 70 spaces)

Civic amenities near the site/selected institutions

Administrative institutions / number of employees/ (within 1 min on foot)

  • Moravian-Silesian Regional Authority: 691
  • Tax Authority for the Moravian-Silesian Region: around 150 * (+around 100 people daily visiting the training facilities in the building)
  • District Social Security Office: 350 (own car park with around 120 spaces – used 50/50 by staff and clients)

City of Ostrava Cultural Centre (3 min on foot)

Petr Bezruč Theatre (5 min on foot)

  • a popular theatre with an exceptional reputation
  • targeted mainly at younger audiences, school/university students
  • capacity: 120(attendances usually reach /and exceed/ the nominal capacity)
  • visits to the Theatre in 2019:  16,663

Moravian-Silesian Research Library (1 min of foot)

  • New building of the library
  • 200 parking lot will be lost by the building
  • Completion: 2023
  • Visits to the library: 2,000 (average per day)
  • Own car park: 162 parking spaces (of which 78 for library visitors in underground level, and 84 for others around the building)

Transport access

  • Public transport acces – on foot:
    • „Krajský úřad“ tram stop: 2 min
    • Nová Karolina shopping mall: 4 min by tram
    • Futurum shopping mall: 10 min by tram/bus
  • Bikesharing station – at the site, access to:
    • Nová Karolina shopping mall: 5 min
    • „Masaryk Square“: 6 min
  • Acces to main roads – by car:
    • 28. října Street: at the site
    • Místecká Street: 23 min


You can download the appendices HERE.

Photo gallery

  • Visualizations of the building were produced by David Kotek and Andrea Jašková from PROJEKTSTUDIO

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