Parking garage at the Cathedral

A new parking garage on parcels nos. 461/1 and 461/2 covering a total area of 2,038 m² in the Moravská Ostrava cadastral area. The vacant lot is located between Náměstí Msgre. Šrámka (a square that is the site of Ostrava’s cathedral) and Zámecká Street, immediately to the south-west of the city’s central square (Masarykovo náměstí).

From the late 19th century to the end of the Second World War, this vacant lot was the site of a school; the building was severely damaged by bombing in the final days of the war, and after the war it was demolished. Directly adjacent to the lot is the original building of the Bachner department store (now known as the Horník building).

Currently, the site is used as a paid parking lot operated by Ostrava’s road management company (Ostravské komunikace, a.s.) and two simple temporary single-floor structures (a kiosk, a waffle house/nail studio).

The planned project for a multifunctional parking garage will remove parked cars from the area of the cathedral square (Náměstí Msgre. Šrámka) and Purkyňova Street, as well as increasing car parking capacity in Ostrava city centre.

Project description

  • new multifunctional parking garage at the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour
  • transportation study
  • high-quality architecture – design by Chalupa architekti via an architectural competition  (more details, in Czech only)
  • no. of levels: 2 below-ground, 7 above-ground
    • underground levels: for parking
    • ground level: for services
      • rental units
    • above-ground levels:
      • 6 levels for parking
  • minimum no. of parking spaces: 417
    • 9 spaces for reduced-mobility users
    • 10+ cycle parking spaces
    • 30+ parking spaces for natural gas vehicles
  • current use of the site:
    • ground-level parking lot (36 spaces)
    • 2 simple temporary single-floor structures (to be removed)

Additional information

  • no. of parking spaces at the site and in the immediate vicinity that will be lost: 150
  • the site is located within an urban heritage zone, so building work must be approved by the responsible state heritage management authority
  • archeological survey:
    • the location is the former site of a building (now demolished)
    • historical remnants of previous buildings are expected to be found below the surface
  • the site is served by all types of underground utilities networks, a steam pipeline and a collector
  • the project is currently in the phase of  project processing

Civic amenities near the site/selected institutions

City centre

  • a wide range of civic amenities and services within easy reach
  • historical city centre, adjacent to the main square (Masarykovo náměstí) – 1 minute on foot
  • within easy walking distance (3 minutes) of the municipal district authority building (Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz) and other administrative offices

Cathedral of the Divine Saviour (1 minute on foot)

  • religious services (Ø 2x daily)
  • open daily for the general public (between morning and evening masses)
  • capacity: 216 (seated)

Jiří Myron Theatre (2 minutes on foot)

  • one of the three permanent stages of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre (one of the Czech Republic’s leading theatres)
  • the theatre’s main stage for operetta/musicals, but also a venue for its drama and ballet performances
  • numerous other cultural events: meetings and discussions with actors/artists etc., debates with experts, lectures, exhibitions etc.
  • auditorium capacity: 623 people
  • the building also houses the “12” Theatre (capacity: 60 people)
  • no. of performances in 2019: 355
  • total visits in 2019:  ca. 105,000 people (= Ø 78%)

University of Ostrava – Faculty of Philosophy (1 minute on foot)

  • no. of students in 2021/2022: 1,771
  • within easy walking distance (5 minutes) of the University’s central offices (Rectorate) and some of its other faculties

Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava (6 minutes on foot)

  • the largest art gallery in the Moravian-Silesian Region
  • one of the 5 largest collecting institutions in the Czech Republic
  • short-term (temporary) and long-term (permanent) exhibitions, educational programmes for the general public
  • total visits in 2018: 101,146 people
  • total visits in 2019: 40,008 people (the building was closed for half a year due to the reconstruction)

Ostrava Puppet Theatre (8 minutes on foot)

  • established professional puppet theatre (in 2019 it celebrated 65 years since its foundation)
  • regular performances for schools and the general public (642 performances in 2018)
  • art and art therapy workshops (total 83 in 2018)
  • 2 stages; 2–4 performances per day
  • total visits in 2018: 81,816 (= 90%)
  • total visits in 2019: 68,307 (=90%); the main stage was closed part of the year due to the reconstruction
  • organizer of the Spectaculo Interesse international puppetry festival

Černá Louka (Black Meadow) Exhibition Centre (10 minutes on foot)

Transport access

  • Public transport acces – on foot:
    • „Elektra“ tram/bus stop: 4 min
    • „Most M. Sýkory“ bus/trolleybus stop: 8 min
  • Bikesharing station:
    • „Nám. Msgre Šrámka“: at the site
    • „Masaryk Square“: 1 min on foot
  • Acces to main roads – by car:
    • Nádražní Street: 1 min
    • 28. října Street: 2 min
    • Českobratrská Street: 3 min
    • Bohumínská Street: 5 min


You can download the pdf presentation HERE.

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