Ostrava is offering investors land for sale in the centre of the city’s most populous municipal district.

The currently unused site, covering around 10 000 square metres, is located on Plzeňská St. in the Ostrava-Jih district (cadastral area Zábřeh nad Odrou, municipality Ostrava). It is an important public space with links to important urban functions. A development on the site, combined with the nearby Ostrava-Jih municipal district offices, has the potential to become a focal point for the entire area flanking the main road (Horní St.), which includes a popular public space adjacent to the district’s central square (Náměstí Ostrava-Jih) at the Železňák shopping complex.

Subject and terms/conditions of sale

On 19 May 2021 the Ostrava City Assembly (resolution no. 1435/ZM1822/23) approved the City’s plans to sell the immovable property specified below (owned by the City of Ostrava and entrusted to the Ostrava-Jih municipal district):

  • the plot with building parcel no. 4192, which includes a structure without any numerical identification, civic amenities,
  • the plot with land parcel no. 612/57, other land, other roads etc., with an area of 9649 m2, subdivided according to geometric plan no. 3685-20/2021 elaborated for the Cadastral Office Zábřeh nad Odrou, now redesignated as land parcel no. 612/138, other land, greenery including appurtenances (surfaced land), for the purpose of the construction of a building or a complex of buildings for residential use and civic amenities in accordance with the “Instructions for the competition Plzeňská – Horní” elaborated by “MAPPA”, subject to the following conditions:
    • the pre-emptive right in rem must be established prior to the official approval of the structure(s),
    • the purchase price bid must be at least 1500 CZK per m2 + VAT at the legally stipulated rate,
    • the investor must submit an architectural study comprising a drawing, views and visualization,
    • the investor must submit the construction schedule,
    • the investor must restore the existing structure (memorial) and incorporate it into the building or complex of civic amenities, or must propose its relocation to a more appropriate site.

The Ostrava City Assembly also reserves the right to decide on the sale as well as the right to revoke the plans to sell at any time.

More details on the offer of sale can be found HERE (only in Czech).

Process for submitting bids

Bids must be submitted in written form and delivered to the City of Ostrava at its registered address (Magistrát města Ostravy, Odbor majetku, Prokešovo náměstí 8, 729 30 Ostrava, Czech Republic).

Deadline for submitting bids

No deadline has been set for the submission of bids.

Compliance with the zoning plan

The site is located within a built-up area, in an area designated for “residential purposes – apartment blocks”, which is thus designated for use primarily by apartment blocks of the housing estate type, with permissible uses including basic civic amenities etc. – for more details see the official notification of the plans for the sale HERE (only in Czech).


The objective is to develop the site in such a way as to intensify its functional utilization. It is important to maximize the use of the buildable area. In view of the excellent transport access and the close proximity of the municipal district authorities, an appropriate use for the site would be for an office complex or a polyfunctional development. The ground level facing onto Plzeňská St. should contain civic amenities and the main entrance to the building(s).

Historical development

This is one of the oldest parts of the municipal district; in the second half of the 20th century it was almost completely rebuilt, primarily to create space for a new road system. Some fragments of the original historical structures have survived (today represented by isolated buildings still featuring their original structural elements). Historically, the main street line led along today’s Horní St. and Plzeňská St. From the perspective of architecture and urban planning, the wider area around the site is dominated by modernist post-war structures.

Urban planning values

The area around the site functions as the main linking point between three areas that are valuable in urban planning terms – the “Jubilee” housing scheme, the Bělský Les “Model” housing scheme, and the Zábřeh-Družstvo housing scheme. These areas feature architecture of high quality. Bordering Horní St. and Plzeňská St. is an important open public area, with important urban functions adjacent to it.


The nearby Bělský Les forest (5 minutes’ walk) is an important area of greenery used by Ostrava’s entire population. The site is directly adjacent to the forest, and can be considered a main entrance space to the forest.

Photo gallery

  • VISUALIZATIONS of the building at the site are INDICATIVE ONLY. They are not binding. It is up to the developer to decide how to approach the site.
  • The indicative illustrations of the building at the site on Plzeňská Street were produced by Ondřej Sikula.