The City’s plans to build parking garages are a response to the current lack of parking spaces in the selected locations. The City perceives the ongoing development of several vacant sites in the centre and its immediate surroundings. Many of these sites are currently used as open-air parking areas. Moreover thanks to the major projects for civic/cultural amenities with an international scope (e.g. new Ostrava Concert Hall, a new contemporary art gallery) attracting large numbers of Czech and international visitors, there will be further raising demand for parking facilities.

The aim of the city is to develop Park + Ride (P+R) and Park + Go (P+G) services in the central part of the Ostrava metropolitan area in the form of paid parking. Therefore, the city has prepared PARKING GARAGES PROJECTS for which it is looking for developers.

We offer a stable business environment – the City of Ostrava will not support free parking provision in the vicinity. We require developers to respect the already prepared architectural solution and project parameters.