Residential project on Kostelni and Biskupska Streets

The activity of investors creating job opportunities for highly qualified staff in Ostrava is boosting demand for high-quality, modern residential developments at locations offering shopping, services and cultural facilities.

The new residential block at the junction of Kostelni and Biskupska Streets in the city centre will create a highly attractive residential complex within easy reach of the city’s central square.

The project consists of two buildings with 6 and 7 above-ground levels, containing 33 apartments and with 43 underground parking spaces. 

Built-up area (total): ca. 1,725 sq m

      • above ground part: 879 sq m
      • underground part:   846 sq m

Site compliance with zoning plan

According to the current zoning plan, the site is designated for mixed usage (residential and civic amenities).

Visualization/project documentation

The appearance of the block is based on the design chosen by the jury in an architectural competition.

The receding terraced façades facing onto the area between the two buildings enables more light to enter the apartments as well as giving a distinctive appearance to this attractive, small-scale public space. A large part of the roof area consists of terraces with gardens (forming part of the apartments).

The project documentation is currently being drawn up.

Site description

The planned residential project is located in the heart of the city centre, close to a wide range of services, civic amenities and cultural facilities, including the recreation zone along the Ostravice River. The site is easily accessible by public transport or by car.

Civic amenities near the site

Transport access

    • Public transport access – on foot
      • „Most M. Sýkory“ bus/trolleybus stop: 1 min
      • „Elektra“ tram stop: 10 min
    • Bikesharing station – on foot:
      • „Most M. Sýkory, knihovna“: 3 min
      • „Minikino kavárna“: 3 min
    • Access to main roads – by car:
      • Bohumínská Street: 1 min
      • Českobratrská Street: 1 min
      • 28. října Street: 4 min


You can download the appendices (zip files) HERE.

List of Appendices: Residential project on Kostelni and Biskupska Streets (pdf presentation); Section views_1 ; Section views_2 ; Aerial view of entrances to the complex.

Photo gallery

    • Visualizations of the building were produced by architect Michal Palaščák from the city of Brno and his team of co-authors
    • Aerial view: source Google Earth