Stodolní Residence

Built-up area with high development potential in the core area of the city. The site (in the cadastral area Moravská Ostrava) covers 4,350 sq m of the land parcels Nos 1947, part of 1942, 1946 and 1948 and is bounded by Porážková, Stodolní and Masná Streets and (to the north) the former site of a building (now demolished) which was adjacent to the historic municipal slaughterhouse building.

The current buildings may be fully or partially preserved and reconstructed, or new buildings may be added. Subject to agreement with the owners, these current structures may be completely demolished and replaced by new buildings.

Site compliance with zoning plan

According to the currently valid zoning plan, the site is located in a mixed-use zone (residential and civic amenities). These zones are designated for residential purposes and civic amenities that are primarily integrated into typical urban buildings.

The most appropriate use would be civic amenities (restaurants/cafés etc., accommodation, shops, services, offices, cultural/social facilities).

Site description

The Stodolní Residence site is a group of plots located in a part of the city centre which is currently undergoing redevelopment to become a new cultural quarter. Cultural and creative industries are key building blocks for all cities, and Ostrava is no exception. Ostrava has a rich and vibrant cultural life with a broad spectrum of institutions, artists and creative communities. Cultural and community projects are a natural and integral component of the City of Ostrava’s development-related activities.

Adjacent to the site is the historic former municipal slaughterhouse, which till the end of 2021 will be transformed into a modern art gallery. Nearby is the Janáček Conservatory, one of the region’s leading centres for performing arts education. Opposite the Stodolní Residence site, on Janáčkova and Masná Streets, the City of Ostrava is building a new 7-floor apartment complex. The site also borders on Stodolní Street, the heart of the city’s entertainment quarter and the focus of its vibrant nightlife.

Civic amenities near the site:

    • PLATO art gallery: 1 min on foot
    • Stodolní Street: at the site
    • Nádražní Street: 5 min on foot
    • Forum Nová Karolina shopping mall : 3 min by car

Transport access:

    • Public transport access – on foot: 
      • „Konzervatoř“ bus/trolleybus stop: 6 min
      • „Stodolní“ tram stop: 5 min
    • Bikesharing station – on foot:
      • Plato gallery: 1 min
      • „Stodolní“ train halt: 1 min
    • Rail transport access – on foot:
      • „Stodolní“ train halt: 1 min
    • Access to main roads – by car:
      • 28. října Street: 2 min
      • Českobratrská Street: 2 min
      • Místecká Street: 3 min


You can download the appendices (zip files) HERE.

List of appendices: Stodolní Residence (pdf presentation); Regulatory conditions including appendixes.

Photo gallery

    • The indicative illustrations of the buildings at the site of Stodolní Residence were produced by Ondřej Sikula
    • Aerial photo in context: source Google Earth