New development at Opavská and Martinovská junction (the site is bounded by Opavská St. and Martinovská St.) is expected within an attractive location in the heart of the urban area at the edge of the Poruba municipal district. Part of the unbuilt parcels (parcel nos. 1503/1 and 1504 in the Poruba-Sever cadastral area) has existed for a long time without any significant elements of architectural or natural value.

The total area of the site is approx. 3.3 ha, and this area is divided by a proposed new road into 2–4 individual building plots.

The Poruba municipal district seeks a developer to implement a project creating a hotel which will function as a tall landmark-type structure at the location. The maximum built area of the single building will be 2000 m2. The hotel should have at least 150 rooms, plus a conference hall, restaurant, and underground parking of adequate capacity.

About the Poruba municipal district and its intentions

The Poruba municipal district has around 65,000 inhabitants, and it is the second-largest municipal district in the City of Ostrava. One of the district’s key current priorities is to expand its range of accommodation services, opening up new opportunities for developing tourism, especially focusing on the growth in international links and related congress tourism generated by the planned future development of scientific/technological institutions in Poruba.

The VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava currently has several conference halls and training venues with a capacity between 50 and 473 (the University’s main hall), and a hotel has a lecture hall with a capacity of 50.

Accommodation facilities in Poruba are currently limited to just two hotels and three bed-and-breakfast facilities offering a total 114 rooms with 220 beds. The neighbouring municipal districts of Třebovice, Pustkovec and Martinov have a total of 6 bed-and-breakfast facilities offering 66 rooms (166 beds) and a hostel with 67 rooms.

Zoning plan compliance

The City of Ostrava’s zoning plan zones the entire area of interest for “civic amenities”.

Technical infrastructure

All technical infrastructure networks are present at the site (gas, heating supply, water, sewerage, power, telecom/data cables). The planned development at the site will require re-laying of several infrastructure routes.


The site is particularly attractive due to its direct connection with the main road (Opavská St.) which links Poruba to road I/11 and the D1 motorway, plus excellent public transport access (with a tram stop already at the location) and several popular visitor attractions nearby (the RT Torax ice stadium, the SAREZA indoor and outdoor swimming complex, the Poklad cultural centre, the Arrows baseball complex). The site is also near to several institutions employing over 1,000 people (the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava, the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre, the Ostrava University Hospital, the District Court).

Civic amenities near the site

Transport access

  • Public transport access – on foot:
    • „Telekomunikační škola“ tram stop: 1 min
  • Bike sharing station – on foot:
    • „Telekomunikační škola“: 1 min
  • Ostrava-Svinov railway station: 2.5 km (approx. 4 min. by car; 14 min. by public transport means)
  • Leoš Janáček Airport: 25 km (approx. 30 min. by car; 45 min. by train and public transport means)


Photo gallery

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If you have any questions about THIS OFFER, please contact:

Lucie Baránková Vilamová
Poruba City District
Klimkovická 55/28, 708 56 Ostrava-Poruba
E: lbarankova@moporuba.cz