Vacant site at Smetana Square

The site is a complex of lots forming part of a built-up area on the corner of a city centre square (Smetanovo náměstí / Smetana Square) and Vojanova Street in the cadastral area of Moravská Ostrava. It consists of the land parcels Nos 3584/5, 200, 195/4, 192/4, 192/5, 192/2, 192/3, 192/8, 192/9, 192/7, 192/6, 147/4, 147/5, 147/2, 147/1 and 190/2.

The attractive site covering 1,500 sq m is delimited by an existing protected full-grown tree from the north, Vojanova Street from the east, Smetana Square from the south and the existing buildings and areas from the west.

The area available for building is 686 sq m. The height must not exceed that of the current buildings; maximum 5 above-ground levels (i.e. 5 floors plus loft).

More information on this site is given in the Regulating conditions, which you will find below (under ‘Appendices’).

Site compliance with zoning plan

According to the current zoning plan, the site is designated for mixed usage (residential and civic amenities).

The location in the vicinity of Ostrava’s central square (Masarykovo náměstí) offers excellent potential for urban functions, especially residential use, services or retail premises. However, it may also be used for office premises or for cultural, educational or community facilities etc.

The new development is intended to replace the obsolete development on the western side of the vacant lot, complement the city structure in this area and create a quality street space around Vojanova Street.

Site description

The location is particularly attractive due to its position adjacent to public transport infrastructure and the presence of cultural and community amenities – e.g. the nearby Antonín Dvořák Theatre and the Černá Louka (Black Meadow) Exhibition Centre.

The University of Ostrava’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music makes a major contribution to the city’s cultural life, and during the next two years an entirely new faculty building will be constructed at the Black Meadow site, in addition to university sports facilities (which will be open not only to students, but also to the general public).

The City is currently drawing up plans and preparing documentation for the new route of Pivovarská Street, connecting it with the current route of Vojanova Street. In the future, Pivovarská Street will serve as a link between the city centre and the Nová Karolina district.

Civic amenities near the site:

Transport access:

    • Public transport access – on foot: 
      • „Výstaviště“ tram/bus stop: 1 min
      • „Karolina“ tram/bus stop: 7 min
    • Bikesharing station – on foot:
      • „Výstaviště“: within 1 min
    • Access to main roads – by car:
      • 28. října Street: 2 min
      • Místecká Street: 2 min
      • Frýdecká Street: 2 min
      • Bohumínská Street: 4 min


You can download the appendices (zip files) HERE.

List of appendices: Vacant site at Smetana Square (pdf presentation); Regulating conditions.

Photo gallery

    • Indicative illustrations of the building at the site on Smetana Square were produced by Ondřej Sikula
    • Aerial view: source Google Earth